Largest workforce research project of its kind in the region.


Qudurat is the first and largest study of its kind in the region dedicated to the advancement of national talent. The study provides in-depth insights into the preferences and orientations of the region’s current and future workforce that help increase performance and productivity. The Qudurat research has been conducted once every three years since 2009. Through Wave I, Wave II and Wave III of the research, Qudurat represents the voice of over 30,000 respondents across 7 countries and enjoys the support of more than 100 organizations and institutions.

Key features of the research

  • Dedicated to understanding the region’s current and future workforce

  • Geared to research the implications of demographic, legislative and social changes on the region’s labor market, such as increasing unemployment and saturation of jobs in the public sector, nationalization legislation, increasing gender diversity and the entry of millennials into the workforce

  • Grounded in the latest theory and research in organizational behavior

  • Based on Aon Hewitt’s work with clients in the region for over 12 years

  • Focuses on attributes of employees and their environment that can be influenced through intervention

Fully funded by Aon Hewitt, the study endeavors to appreciate and identify regional solutions, dialogue and actions to key workforce issues. It is designed to gain insights and perspectives from employers, employees and students, thereby covering both the demand and supply side of the regional labor market.

Qudurat insights

Wave III:
Student wave press release:
Seven out of 10 university students intend to stay in the UAE after graduation, according to the latest Qudurat Wave III report 

Wave II:
Qudurat Wave II represented the voice of 18,500 respondents from more than 100 organizations and institutions in the GCC and wider region. Download our executive summary for an overview of the findings:

Qudurat Wave II executive summary (English)
Qudurat Wave II executive summary (Arabic)

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