Aon Best Employers Program

A journey designed to create a differentiated employee experience that drives high performance, by creating an environment where people feel heard, highly connected and empowered to do their best every day.

About the Program

Accelerating People to the Extraordinary

Aon's 50 years of employee experience research, along with our global database of 15 million data points provides striking evidence: extraordinary employers drive stronger performance. In the current environment of digitalization, globalization, and talent shortages, there are four measurable 'people factors' that are crucial if organizations want to excel. Aon Best Employers surpass other organizations on these four factors:

  • High Employee Engagement: Employees speak positively about their employer, intend to stay and are motivated to exert extra efforts at work.
  • Profound Agility: Employees see that the organization is highly adaptive, innovative, inclusive and responsive to the changing needs of its customers
  • Engaging Leadership: Leaders are deeply connected with employees to drive engagement, they communicate a clear vision and exert strong personal values 
  • Maniacal Talent Focus: Employees feel that the organization is highly focused on attracting and retaining talent and accelerating people's potential to the extraordinary.

Aon Best Employers program measures employers against these 4 factors, using the most objective measure possible - employee opinion. Our study will help you measure your status, benchmark it to the market, ascertain your positioning as a best employer, and recognize the “best” publicly as an organization that stands out from the general market.

Why get Certified?

  • Get recognized for achieving extraordinary results
  • Positively influence employee morale and enhance your reputation
  • Enhance your brand globally, not just locally, to build a stronger talent pipeline
  • Benchmark your results against Aon’s robust database
  • Receive insightful and actionable data to better understand employee opinions on engagement and other dimensions of the work environment. 
  • Access to world class educational programs through our partnership with The University of Manchester Middle East Centre, Dubai.

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