How to get Certified

The program uses the most objective measure possible: employee opinion. You will receive insightful data to identify key priorities and strategies for taking action.

How to get Certified

Step 1: Conduct an employee engagement survey

Aon Best Employers certification uses the most objective measure possible: employee opinion. You will work with Aon culture and engagement experts to conduct an employee engagement survey within your organization. 

Step 2: Aon will analyze your results 

To be recognized as an Aon Best Employer your organization must be top quartile for engagement as well as top quartile for 2 out of 3 of the other indices - agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. Organizations can qualify as an Aon Best Employer on a country level, regionally or globally, depending on their level of participation. 

Step 3: Receive insightful and actionable data

  • Engagement survey results: This includes engagement scores, engagement dimension scores, top focus areas and verbatim comments, and allows you to segment the data by key organizational and/or demographic groups. Results are provided 3-4 weeks after data collection. 
  • Best Employers Index Report: Provides results on the four indices and a comparison to applicable benchmarks. This report also tells you if you are certified as an Aon Best Employer.

Step 4: Get recognized 

You can decide when you want to announce your Aon Best Employers certification.  Aon will provide a toolkit to help you get recognized including the official Aon Best Employers stamp, certificate, press release template, as well as extensive recognition through Aon's communcication channels and at our local awards ceremony attended by over 150 regional HR decision makers and CEO's. 

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