Compensation and Benefits

EMEA Allowances & Benefits Survey

Allowances and benefits practices vary from market to market. The cost of living across the region also varies, with some markets experiencing inflation and others deflation. Navigating this change and complexity is a challenge for HR professionals across industries. Take part in our EMEA Allowance and Benefits survey and have confidence that your Rewards decisions are based on robust data.

Our 2019 edition of the survey reported data from over 200 participating companies from all industry sectors. Due to demand we are expanding the survey to cover key markets including Turkey, Egypt and Kenya. The study covers the following allowances and benefits and will go into detail on plan administration and governance:

Allowances  Benefits
  • Housing allowance
  • Insurance Benefit (Life, Accident, Medical)
  • Transportation Allowance
  • Mobile Phones
  • Relocation allowance
  • Annual Ticket
  • Children Education Allowance
  • Overtime
  • Consolidated Allowance
  • Repatriation Benefit
  • Business Travel Allowance & Per Diem
  • End of Service Benefit
  • Other Employment Practices (viz. Time Off, Working Hours etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is best-suited to complete this questionnaire?
    We recommend asking your Human Resources Team, specifically your Rewards & Benefits specialists, to complete this questionnaire on behalf of your organization.
  • Can I download a copy of the questionnaire?
    You can preview the questionnaire in PDF format by clicking here. Note, this PDF questionnaire is for informational purposes only. You will still need to submit through the qualtrics platform.
  • What type of data is collected in this study?
    This study is intended to collect information on your organization’s allowances & benefits practice, including information on how these allowances & benefits are administered. No incumbent-level information is collected.
  • How is the data collected for this study?
    We will be collecting data based on different employee categories i.e. Executives, Management, Professional and Support. The questionnaire will explain each of these categories in detail. 
  • Will my answers remain confidential?
    Yes. All individual responses will remain confidential. Additionally, study results will only be published in an aggregated manner in accordance with best practices for maintaining data confidentiality. Our final report will include a list of all participants by company name. 
  • What markets are covered in this study?
    We are covering all GCC nations (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain) and other nations like Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kazahkstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan.
  • How are the results reported?
    The full report will include details on actual payment quantum as well as details around administration. Below we have included a few samples for your reference:
  • How do I access the full study results?
    This is a paid study and for further details on pricing, please contact your Relationship Manager or reach out to Robert Richter ( or Varun Sethi ( 
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