Mergers and Acquisitions

Insight and advice to complete the transaction and successfully integrate.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies engaging in M&A need a stronger connection between corporate objectives, transaction objectives and their human capital integration strategy.

Though many companies achieve some of their transaction goals, most find integration and sustained success elusive. Human Capital issues continue to be the key to unlocking deal value potential but this requires companies to take a more holistic approach when addressing Human Capital matters.

Aon’s Strategic Advisory Practice has a deep experienced global team focused exclusively on people and human capital issues during a merger or acquisition. Our consultants have worked on thousands of M&A engagements over the past decade with some of the world’s most sophisticated companies and private equity firms.

Our team possesses a unique combination of skills ranging from HR technical specialties (benefits, compensation, employment law, HR service delivery and technology), organizational transformation capabilities (culture, organization design, change management, workforce planning), and business strategy/operations (operational process design, cost rationalization). We deliver an end-to-end solution from strategy through execution.

Through our M&A expertise we help clients holistically address the most critical Human Capital issues that deliver value to the business by providing keys for:

  • Risk Mitigation - robust HR due diligence and risk mitigation strategies to achieve Day 1 and integration timelines
  • Day 1 Readiness & Plan Harmonization - Day 1 priorities and strategies for harmonizing Human Capital plans reflecting business and employee needs
  • Global Considerations - key insights on employment transfer and local country legal requirements with our “on the ground” experts
  • Synergy Realization - synergy identification and tracking using our proprietary Aon technology
  • Organization & Talent Alignment - processes and tools to get the right structure, leaders and best talent in place as quickly as possible
  • Culture & Change Management - strategies to keep employees engaged, drive the right outcomes and maximize organization effectiveness
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Martin McGuigan