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At Aon, we empower organizations to develop the best talent with our suite of assessment tools. As a world leader in designing and implementing reliable and validated talent tests for over 30 years, Aon has developed robust, cost effective, easily customizable employee development tools to enable you to identify and develop the right talent in your organization. Assessing employees will enable you to promote the right leaders and high potential employees to drive future success and create real competitive advantage. 

We can help you:

Our approach enables both the individual and the organization to understand capability, and plan development for maximum impact in their role and organization. 

Our approach enables organizations to:

  • Prepare succession plans
  • Identify high potentials 
  • Prepare future leaders
  • Re-structure their organizations to fit people into roles
  • Develop career paths for leaders and technical roles

Through our development programs, Aon utilizes our database of over 100+ different psychometric tools to assess personality, ability, language and situational judgement, which are a fair, valid and reliable means of assessing performance.  Find out more about our psychometric tests.

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