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Are you faced with a high number of applicants, or just can’t differentiate between them due to similarity of qualification and experience? Perhaps you’re competing for very scarce talent, or struggling to standardise your processes across multiple locations? Or does it just take too long to get from application to start-date? These are some of the many challenging scenarios recruiters are facing.

Pinpoint the Best People, Reduce Time-to-hire, and Save Cost

At Aon, we empower organizations to select the best talent with our suite of employee selection tools. We help companies identify people with the right capabilities and cultural fit to deliver optimal business results. Fom graduates through to entry level roles and senior leaders, we use a combination of online psychometric tests to assess personality, ability, language and situational judgement to help HR professionals and line managers predict future performance. 

We can help you:

Through our acquisition of cut-e, a world leader in designing and implementing innovative online psychometric tests for recruitment, selection and development, you can now optimize the way your HR team evaluates new hires by partnering with us to:

  • Quickly identify the best candidates 
  • Identify high potentials 
  • Predict candidate behavior
  • Reduce costs from poor employee selection decisions
  • Improve productivity and decrease turnover
  • Improve key on-the-job behaviors
  • Employ people who are engaged 
  • Benefit from solutions tailored to your needs 

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