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Across the Middle East, HR professionals, and increasingly CEOs, face a challenge to attract, engage and retain national talent.

What are proactive organizations doing differently?

As private sector organizations prepare for relatively higher inclusion of national talent within their ranks, our Qudurat research indicates that their priorities are to have an unrelenting focus in developing nationals for future leadership positions and improving national talent retention.

Top companies, proactively identify high potential talent and develop them to be self-aware, resilient and engaging leaders to deal with the challenges in today’s volatile environment.

National Development Program

To support our clients with their nationalization mandate, we introduced the National Development Program. The program provides comprehensive data-backed nationalization development solutions, customized to your specific requirements, with impact analysis to see the return on your investment.

The program aims to identify and develop engaged national leaders, who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and develop resilience so they can be prepared to deal with the challenges of the VUCA environment. The dynamic program looks at providing exposures, networking opportunities, action learning and feedback through a structured period of development (9 months- 2 years).

The National Development Program includes:

  • Nationalization Development Philosophy/Vision creation

  • National Development Program Design and Enablement

  • Impact Measurement

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