UAE Financial Awareness Survey 2019

As the demographics of the workforce in the UAE are changing and employees are staying longer, now more than ever, there is a need to think about financial wellbeing and longer term financial security. The current end of service arrangements will not provide employees with the financial security they need to retire with dignity, and whilst we have some data and anecdotal evidence on what the average UAE employee understands about planning for their future, we would like to understand more.

Survey Insights

Aon Retirement Solutions would like to partner with organizations who want to take a more active interest in their employee’s financial wellbeing. The UAE Financial Awareness Survey 2019 explores employees’ attitudes and behaviors related to their financial experiences, including literacy, confidence, engagement, and intentions. The survey seeks to discover: 

  • Perspectives. What are employees thinking when it comes to their finances and saving?

  • Behaviors. What are employees doing—or not doing—and how is that affecting their financial wellbeing?

  • Guidance. Where do employees turn for help? What do they want from their employers?

Key Benefits 

  • Participating organizations with 50+ employee responses will receive a complimentary bespoke report worth $5000 on their employee’s responses versus total responses received

  • The survey is free of charge and requires minimal effort from participating organizations. They will simply need to share an invitation encouraging their employees to complete the survey.

  • Participants will understand the perceived value of financial wellbeing amongst their population and be able to prioritize what type of support to offer employees in the future. Introducing simple interventions could help attract and retain talent, as well as improve engagement levels.

  • Participating organizations with 50+ employee responses will be eligible for a 25% discount on actuarial valuations of end of service liabilities.

Participate Now

If you are a UAE based organization looking to take a more active interest in your employees financial wellbeing, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, if you would like to take part in the survey yourself, simply click here

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