United Pensions International

UnitedPensionsTM International

Retirement savings are becoming ever more important as a source of income for both local and international employees. Too many employees have either no savings solution or are part of solutions with expensive or static investment options. While the End of Service Benefit is a valuable benefit for employees, it is usually not enough to provide adequate income in retirement. This can leave employees unprepared for retirement and other savings’ challenges.

Employers can encourage savings and promote financial wellness by introducing a good quality cost-effective savings solution designed to deliver good benefit outcomes for members. Aon offers a range of savings and benefits advisory and implementation services, including our international retirement and savings solution which brings together the best that Aon has to offer.

What is UnitedPensionsTM International​?

UnitedPensions International is a professionally managed occupational multiple-employer retirement and savings solution founded by Aon which provides access globally managed investment options and seeks to deliver good retirement and savings outcomes for members. Our solution is flexible and provides individually designed employer financing plans and a customised investment savings approach, allowing you to meet the needs of a wide range of employers and employees.

Intelligent, trigger-based communications encourage members to make timely investment decisions and consider how to effectively plan their retirement and savings.  The online member portal is intuitive, easy to navigate and provides clear information, and includes tools and resources designed to help employees plan for their future financial needs.

Using UnitedPensionsTM International​

UnitedPensions International can be used by employers to deliver any of the following retirement and savings solutions and enhance employees’ financial wellness:

Voluntary Employee Savings Plan:
  • ​Empowers employees to save for the future
  • ​Enables employer to encourage savings and/or retention with matching company contributions
Executive Savings Plan:
  • Bespoke savings plan designed for executives
  • Tailored communication covering retirement, savings and insurance needs
 End of Service Pre-Funding:
  • Provides Employer with the ability to set aside assets to fund End of Service payments
  • Manage the overall liability as a single Employer managed account, or allocate funding to restricted employee accounts.
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