Do Managers Hold the Key to Engagement?

While leaders have a critical role to play in employee engagement, managers are the ones who hold the key as their effectiveness serves to drive a high performance culture in the organisation. So how are Aon Best Employers Middle East developing great managers?

Do Managers Hold the Key to Engagement?

20 Jan 2017 by  Elias Dib

DHL Express, Marriott International, McDonald’s UAE, and Procter & Gamble Near East were amongst the organizations named as Aon Best Employers Middle East in 2016. The flagship study revealed that the average employee engagement rate for Best Employer Middle East organizations last year was 85%—significantly higher than the market average of 61%. So, what are these organizations doing right?

While leaders have a critical role to play in employee engagement, the study demonstrates that managers are the ones who hold the key as their effectiveness serves to drive a high performance culture in the organization. Employees at Best Employer organizations describe their manager as someone who:

  • sets clear expectations and goals

  • provides the support needed to succeed

  • holds people appropriately accountable for performance

  • encourages and motivates subordinates to do their best

  • provides valuable feedback throughout the year that allow performance improvement

  • recognizes efforts and results

As a result, these organizations can identify a clear correlation between employee engagement levels and actual business performance—including the areas of customer satisfaction, operating margins, sales, and total shareholder returns.

5 Ways to Develop Quality Managers

Aon Best Employers have successfully created a workplace experience that does not just revolve around pay, but rather around a robust and comprehensive employee value proposition centred around empowering their managers.

  1. Equip managers to drive careers, by coaching them on providing career advice to their teams.

  2. Develop engaging leaders by offering managers effective feedback on how their leadership styles influence the team.

  3. Build a strong leadership pipeline by structuring succession planning programmes to support employees’ career development in the organization.

  4. Hold managers accountable for their teams’ engagement levels by measuring and rewarding them on their people management quality.

  5. Develop future leaders from among high potential talent, by increasing their access to and interaction with senior executives (shadowing).

By focusing on the development of their managers, these organizations are developing brand ambassadors as well. In the Middle East, 90% of employees at Best Employers would recommend their organisation to someone looking for a job. In addition, 86% believe their leadership has a clear vision of the future, values the people, and strives for business excellence.

Through deliberate effort to engage with managers, Aon Best Employers are reaping the rewards of an engaged workforce.

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Elias Dib

Elias Dib is a Partner at Aon Hewitt and leads the Employee Engagement solution across the Middle East & Africa. His areas of expertise lie in Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Leadership Assessment and Development, Total Rewards, and Employee Communication. With 20 years of Middle East experience, Elias partners with major regional clients to assist them attract, engage, and reward talent, uncover ways to reduce their HR costs and develop comprehensive solutions that improve their bottom line.

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