Empowering Leaders to Act

How can leaders become empowered to learn, adapt and engage their people on a more regular basis?

Empowering Leaders to Act

15 Nov 2017 by  Gerhard Diedericks

A common challenge facing the Talent and HR community is that employee engagement is frequently regarded as HR's responsibility, instead of something that is also ‘owned’ by both managers and employees. Managers are often hesitant to take full ownership of their own and their team's engagement, while individuals often think of engagement as something their manager and employer is responsible for; something that is ‘done’ to them as opposed to being proactively managed themselves.

When you have an annual survey cycle that only captures feedback at a set point in time and presents data and results in a static way, it is easy to see why managers and employees might think this. Following an annual engagement survey, managers may only get a gauge of employee engagement once a year and receive feedback on aspects of the work experience which are often not relevant to them or their team.

For a while there may be a buzz around engagement – but eventually the everyday pressures take over and for many managers, engagement is then deprioritized until the next survey comes around. As a result, it falls onto Talent and HR to maintain the momentum in many cases.

Regular, accessible information is key for empowering leaders

What if through a continuous listening approach we could ensure that employee engagement is always top of mind in the organization? By reporting on it as frequently as other metrics such as financial performance or customer satisfaction, the profile of employee engagement is raised and as a result it can become a more visible and valuable focus area.

What if we could combine continuous listening with robust predictive analytics to create a shorter, more effective and continuous learning cycle? Instead of making leaders wait many months to see whether the actions they're taking to improve engagement and performance is making a difference, by shortening the cycle, you give leaders many more opportunities to learn, adapt and consequently become better at engaging their people.

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Gerhard Diedericks

Gerhard has more than 15 years of experience in supporting organisations such as Telstra, NAB, ANZ, Barclays and BHP Billiton to better execute strategy through people. He believes that talent analytics represents the next big opportunity for organisations to unlock value and execute strategy through people.

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